Tu Reto Danone with Consum

Tu Reto Danone with Consum

Consum, the foremost Spanish food retailer, decided to work with Hooptap to boost its loyalty program with a Danone product campaign.

Danone, a multinational food-products corporation, wanted to launch a campaign to familiarize users with their products on a Consum’s environment. Its goal was to increase participants purchases by a 20%.

To do so, the brands used Hooptap’s gamification platform to interact with their customers, inform them about promoting products and keep them longer in their brand environment, and also send them messages outside their stores.

Their goals?

  • Consum and Danone wanted customers to consume the 3 strategic Danone products: Activia, Danacol and Actimel. The whole campaign was focused on these products.
  •  Getting an increase in sales and database, since the typical customer of the retailer was offline and they wanted to get customer insights and data.
  • Building an emotional connection with young customers through digital strategy and game mechanics.

Accept the challenge!


Hooptap provided a Consum’s Brand Club, where users interacted with the different Danone product varieties and their specifications.

Danone challenged customers to play new games each day to win prizes while they discovered new content about the products and the brand itself.

Danone challenged customers to play new games each day to win prizes

Moreover, they chose to offer customers arcade games with which they could interact and have fun with promoting products. This way, users associated the fun value with the brand and its products.

The gamification platform also included quizzes for customers to test their knowledge on Danone products. In these mechanics, users could learn about the new promotions, slogans of the promoting product or even their flavours. This way, customers became informed and satisfied due to winning points and getting badges.

Games changed weekly for users to keep their attention and motivation on getting points in the platform.

Immediate rewards?

It is possible!

During the campaign, users in Consum’s online platform could win points on the virtual prizes section, sponsored by the brand, and win prizes which could be purchased at the usual POS.

Rewards were segmented: depending on the previous spend of consumers, they could unlock the list of prizes once they had purchased a certain amount of Danone products in Consum.

At the end, this gamified environment had worked to engage the audience and monetize this relationship in a fun and interactive way. Take a look at the video of the project!

During the campaign…

… more than 433.500 brand games were played.

… participants purchase increased by 60%.

… overall Danone’s sales increased by 6%

… and Consum’s total sales increased by 2,5%.

This was a finalist project in Gamification World Awards 2105.

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