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In December 2014 Hooptap launched the interactive app for Teletica, the leader TV channel in Costa Rica. This app has brought a whole new TV interaction experience amongst the Costa Rican community, as for the first time in this country; a TV channel has offered users the opportunity to live interact with the TV content.


Hooptap has helped the whole TV channel to generate engagement with its users, allowing them to interact with content from all of the programs and to win points and badges that reward their actions. This interaction also takes place live: users receive games and quests during the different emissions which are related to the content that is being aired at that precise moment. In the Oscars, users from Teletica were able to predict winners, play with the Oscars and answer questions while receiving points in exchange.

A Step Further

In March 2015 Hooptap just launched an upgrade version with innovative features which are enhancing the user’s experience in several ways: to ease user navigation each program is now listed inside the program section, where users are able to find information, videos, games, polls…about the each one of them. For example, Arrow fans can interact with Arrow content in an exclusive space with all types of content of the show.


Moreover, users are now able to consult the TV guide from the app and create alarms for the app to announce the beginning of their favourite programs. In the same way, they can also save their favourite programs in their profile so they can quickly access the content they prefer. All these features provide a more personalized experience with advantages to users and sponsors, who are able to better target their interactive actions by inserting them in specific program sections.

Another debut for Teletica is the Marketplace section. Hooptap’s rewarding system has levelled up with Teletica, as users now can exchange their points for gifts, consult all the prizes, view offers and, in essence, make the rewarding system more personalized than ever!


Renew or Die

The Teletica app is a great example on how Hooptap is continuously adapting and creating valuable experiences for its clients and their community. The feedback-based updating has allowed both actors to create a great experience with additional features, generating a TV loyalty program which complements the app and boosts engagement with the channel.

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