Secret Story 5

The Show

In its 5th edition, Secret Story, one of the most popular reality shows in Portugal chose Hooptap to enhance the spectator’s digital experience through an interactive app. Hooptap helped TVI Media Capital and developed the ideal platform for users to be engaged with the show through a playful environment.

The essence of the show was perfect for live interaction and 24/7 engagement: 22 contestants in a house, each of the hiding a secret and trying to discover what the others hide to earn money, all trying to live with 21 complete strangers.



The Secret Contestant

In this way, Hooptap successfully translated the fun, intrigue and conspiracy to the app where users could not only play with the content but decide on what will happen in the program! The app was such a core feature for the channel that one the contestants was the app spy, and had to do whatever the app users voted he had to do in the house. Therefore, app users were able to influence what was happening on the program and see the consequences on the show, making them feel listened and involved.

The interactive content and fun experience offered, encouraged almost 90% of the app users to be active

The interactive content and fun experience offered, encouraged almost 90% of the app users to be active, figure that beats the typical range of app active users which is commonly from 30 to 60%.

Nomination time

Moreover, users could guess the nominations of each contestant in real time. The app offered a second screen section where questions were automatically unblocked so users could get involved with nominations and compare their guesses to the real ones. A ranking was automatically updated with the results of the users to promote competition and participation. This feature was so popular that the app reached the 22,000 users playing in the second screen section at the same time.


New Revenue Stream

At the end of the day, this app allowed TVI Media Capital to achieve high level engagement, and what is more, to turn the app into a new revenue stream thanks to sponsors that were willing to be included in the app. In fact, NOS, one of the most important media holdings in Portugal, was the main app sponsor and was present in the most important sections in the app such as Sala NOS, the section from where users were able to influence what happened on TV.

Happy ending

Since the beginning, the app generated great buzz, it was positioned the number one app in the App store one day after its launch. Until now, the app has more than 250,000 downloads and more than six million games have been played, figures that illustrate the impact of the project.
Users were so happy with the interactive experience that the app period was prolonged so users could enjoy the app and its features during the VIP version of the program, where celebrities and ex contestants from every edition entered the house.

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