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How to boost employee involvement

Schneider Electric, global specialist in energy management, launches an initiative for the team of one of its main European production plants, coinciding with the company’s Healthy Living Week.

The event, made of different activities, speeches and workshops during the whole week, wants to:

Training employees on safety and risk prevention

Encourage them to live a healthy life

Reduce accidents at work

In order to boost the experience and make the most of the event, Schneider Electric offers workers a platform full of games to work on safety values. The app provides fun through game and increases the interaction of employees with the content that the company wants them to associate with corporate values. 

An app to strengthen values

82% employees downloaded the app

76% employees took part in the activities carried out through the app.

A 55% increase in the penetration of messages impulsed by the company.

The app, which is available both in web and app formats, includes arcade mechanics that display the context of safe company that Schneider Electric wants to offer its internal team and that increase employee engagement on the platform.

On the other hand, quiz mechanics allow workers to practice everything they learned in workshop and speeches offered during the company’s Safety Week.

While employees reinforce the values of the company in a game environment, the gamification platform indicates their learning progress and rewards them with the access to new games and winning points.

Through these kind of mechanics, Schneider Electric manages to assess the effectivity of the event on its internal audience.

Involved employees

Elements such as points and badges motivate employees to keep interacting with the platform while it rewards their knowledge and progress in the application.



Interaction and reward in real time allows the company to make the most of the event, since it manages to boost the sense of belonging and dynamize the activities scheduled for the Healthy Living Week.

The ranking inside the platform incentivizes competition among workers and maintains their motivation to get a better score.

The platform allows the company to boost dialogue around the values that are being worked in the event. This way, Schneider Electric improves the effectivity of its messages.

Through gamification, Schneider Electric manages to increase employee participation in the internal event. The staff is involved and they internalize the values due to the constant interaction with them both in the event and in the platform’s digital environment.

Finally, Schneider Electric could test the effectivity of its messages through the platform, since they could measure participation and evaluate the accuracy ratio in quiz mechanics, as well as the participation in the rest of mechanics.

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