The App

Last June, Heineken wanted to dynamize his new product, Radler 00, in a innovative and interactive way. Hooptap created an app based on gamification in order to achieve the brand’s goal and promote the product on a fun, rewarding way.

The app was based on the game “hit the moles”, but completely customized to the look and feel of Radler. Users had 10 levels to complete which were exponentially more challenging. In each of these levels, users had different landscapes but always the same goal: tapping on a specific figure in order to earn points.


When the users finished the games, they earned points and a discount coupon was offered to them, rewarding users for their activity. Therefore, the brand established a reciprocal relationship with the users through a fun, engaging environment.

Moreover, leaderboards were included in order to promote competition and giving more prizes. Leaderboards were established weekly and monthly and the first position of each leaderboard received a product set of the new Radler product.


Challenging other users

But the most engaging feature for the users was that of challenging other users to try and win the points of other users. In this case, users chose the level of the challenge and the points they wanted to “bet”, and the app randomly selected their adversary.

10% of the total games were played against other users

The one who tapped on more figures, won the round and his adversary’s points. This social feature was truly engaging for the users, as 10% of the total games were played against other users. Besides, the user lifespan in the app doubled on users that had played against other users, revealing a retention tendency connected to the social feature.


At the end

At the end, users were immersed on a fun branded environment where they could get discounts, win prizes and with other users in the community. Meanwhile they were encouraged to know, recognize and try the new Radler product.

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