The context

Postobón, the leading company in the Colombian soft drink market, makes a bid for gamification with a project to boost its retailers’ loyalty together with Valemás and Hooptap. The brand participates in categories such as soda, water, juices, energetics and tea. With a portfolio of more than 35 brands such as Pepsi adn 250 references, Postobón is a Colombia based company with more than 110 years of history. The company has a total of 66 locations counting production plants and distribution centers, which allow it to reach the 90% of the national territory. Around such structure, Postobón sets one of the main goals of the brand for 2015: engaging its retailes. To do so, it creates with Valemás, an agency specialized in engagement and a partner of Hooptap in Colombia, the program Vale mi Gente. A loyalty program that focuses on interaction with Postobón products in a gamified brand environment, from which it can create an strengthen the relationship with its retailers.

A refreshing project


Hooptap provides a gamified solution for Postobón retailers to connect with the company and its products. These can get involved in their free time through game mechanics with content related to the products of the distributing company. With the application,

Postobón creates a link with its retailers, offers more benefits and strengthens such link

they can learn about products, those which are being distributed and those which aren’t yet, and know their features to be in tune with the values of the products and be able to recommend them to their clients later.

Interaction with the platform comes motivated for a rewards system with which retailers get points, that they can later redeem for prizes in the same environment. This way, Postobón creates a link with its retailers, offers more benefits and strengthens such link.



The platform has a user ranking that motivates retailers to keep earning points through Postobón games. With all this, the brand gets a strong relationship with its retailers and informs them about the products it is selling in a fun, entertaining way. This way, Postobón reinforces the final selling of the product with valid, well-formed and rewarded interlocutors.

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