“Putting Kids First”

Nickelodeon, one of the main channels in the world addressed to a child audience, chooses Hooptap to improve its users’ interactive web experience.

The channel works with a web that displays additional content according to two audience segments: Nickelodeon for a child audience and Nick Jr para kids from 8 to 15 years old.

In this scenario, Hooptap integrates a gamification system in each web focused on entertaining the audience of Nickelodeon and this way generate engagement with the channel.

Hooptap integrates a gamification system focused on entertaining the audience and generating engagement

Nickelodeon’s Game Room

The environment of each web space collects content in a gamified space. This way and thanks to the gamification strategy the implication of the user with the channel is boosted through the game.

Games are classic arcade mechanics ilustrated with the favorite characters of the children. This way, Nickelodeon creates an space in which the audience interacts with its star content and reinforces the engagement generated with the first screen.

Pantallazo-mac-Nick (2)

Through engaging users in this environment, Nickelodeon starts monetizing the platform including banners of several advertisers. This way, the digital space creates opportunities towards new actors that seek addressing the child digital audience of the channel.

Both webs have a responsive environment, so they keep a user-friendly format in mobile devices so that, in an accessible way for the user and at any time, engagement in the second screen reinforces the goals of the first one, where the brand makes the greatest effort.



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