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Interactive Experience

Last June, with the goal of building a loyal audience with the best possible experience while monetizing this environment, RTVE decided to work with Hooptap to launch MasterChef’s companion app: the mobile app that has allowed spectators to interact and participate actively in the show.
The app could be enjoyed aside from TV viewing, as it involved users 24/7, with interactive content available at any time thanks to gamification.


The mobile app developed by Hooptap brought an interactive experience to MasterChef’s fans, who were able to interact with the show’s content everyday, and included recipes, contestants’ bio and VOD.

Play it cool

Besides this usual content, a wide range of games allowed users to enjoy their favourite show even more: discovering cooking tricks, learning curiosities about food, knowing more about famous chefs, guessing the right ingredients of a recipe, winning fun badges…These games generated great engagement and attracted many app users: 93% of users who downloaded the app were engaged in these games.


When the show went live, the audience became part of the show. Users discussed about questions which were suggested by a moderator in real time while. They could also answer quizzes, polls and make predictions. Still, the key moment came when the show asked a specific question and what people answered through the app was shown on the TV screen.

Beating Twitter

This engaging experience was a real incentive for the audience and seemed the perfect fit for what the audience was looking for.

81% more people interacting live than tweeting!

At least on social TV matter, MasterChef’s companion app transformed the trend of considering twitter as the second screen platform by default.The Spanish audience clearly moved from twitter to this mobile app to enjoy live their favourite show: There were 81% more people interacting live than tweeting!


The chart shows the number of people live interacting with MasterChef’s app versus people tweeting about it when the show is being broadcasted. These figures are even more relevant considering that people tweeting about MasterChef may not be watching the program.

Brand Interactions

The MasterChef app offered a double way to impact users in a non intrusive way: first, played with brands that were part of the game. These brands challenged the audience to play new games everyday to win prizes while discovering new content about the show and the brand itself; second, during the broadcast, advertisers synchronized the impact both on TV and the app, in a very fun way. A cool example: while TV contestants choose their ingredients in the sponsoring supermarket on stage, users in the app had to find the hidden ingredients in a virtual supermarket, sponsored by the same brand.

In the end, this gamified environment worked to engage the audience and monetize this relationship in a fun and interactive way.

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