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After the launch of the Secret Story app in the Portuguese channel TVI and the furor generated with the MasterChef app in Spain and Chile, TVI works with Hooptap again in order to provide the Portuguese audience with a highest level of interaction with the program MasterChef Portugal.

TVI makes a bid for gamification with the aim of engaging the audience of the program and boosting the TV experience. With it, Hooptap’s technology makes the creation of an app easier which transforms the dialogue with the audience, creating an interaction space to generate engagement with the program.

Gamifying the kitchen

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The app MasterChef Portugal, as conceived for the Spanish audience, was able to involve Portuguese users with content 24/7: interactive,

Gamification enabled an interactive experience with the program

exclusive and available at any time, even out of the TV hours.

The audience of MasterChef Portugal could enjoy exclusive content through the app that complemented the broadcast of the program in real time and added a value to cuisine lovers. Users would answer questions about what was happening, fill in surveys and do predictions, all of it while they enjoyed the content shown in the TV.

Users had fun with games related to the program, complementary content such as consulting the details of the star recipes, exclusive new episode to learn more about the jury and contestants, watching videos on demand.

Moreover, through the app, MasterChef Portugal could reward users for their interaction with content. This meant a complete interaction program-audience with valued content, which strengthened the relationship between both parts.

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This project is yet another proof of the bet of the channel for including gamification in its content strategy. All of it with the goal of recreate the ideal scenarios to reach the engagement of the TV audience. The space was monetized with advertisers that included their content in the strategy of the MasterChef Portugal app. Users could interact with the content of the sponsoring brand through games, news or advices by El Corte Inglés. The content of the sponsoring brand has been an essential part of the content strategy of the MasterChef Portugal app to send non-intrussive messages to the audience and give a sense and a structure to the contents since the beginning.

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