The context

Guaraná, the carbonated drink by Backus, trusts Hooptap to introduce the perfect ingredient to its promotional campaign of September 2015: gamification. The brand launched a campaign to inform its young segment about the new labelling for its cans and bottles that remind of that of its beginning as a brand.

Retro Experience

Guaraná, which is known for creating advertising noise around its products, goes one step further this time by creating a ludic interaction with its fans. To do so, it creates RetroGames.guaraná retro tv

In the campaing, the brand icon goes back in time to bring the first packagings and, therefore, adopts a “retro” style. The content strategy in Guaraná social networks prepares the scenario to present the main ingredient of the campaign: a web portal for Guaraná fans, designed for the occasion.

GuaraGames are classic arcade games designed in 8bits that remind of the 80’s.

Hooking 8bit games

RetroGames is a project in the form of a web portal that Guaraná designs for the occasion. The space has a gamified environment built by Hooptap with brand elements: GuaraGames. Classic arcade games designed in 8bits that remind of the 80’s. iphone-mac

The environment combined games of pure fun segmented by levels for the users to participate and compete in the internal ranking. This way, the brand sense increases and they get involved with the goal of getting prizes or participating in draws done by Guaraná.2iphone
With this advertising campaign, Guaraná wants to keep creating buzz around the product and direct traffic towards its information points. This project will also enable them to enlarge their database thanks to the user register system, that will be required in order to have exclusive content of games of different levels.

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