Since 2013 Travel Club, member of Air Miles has been working with Hooptap to incentivize its members to interact and learn more about their partner brands. During this time, Travel Club has launched several limited campaigns to increase user activity and brand engagement.


The Campaigns

These campaigns called “Ganapuntos” are carried out twice every year and last two months each. They represent an exclusive space for only 8 of their partner brands per campaign.

During these campaigns, each brand has their own mini game which portrays the brand’s values and look and feel to the members. Week one starts with only one available game and a new game unblocks every week. In this way, expectation is created and more interest amongst members is generated.


This action allows members to earn more loyalty points than in the regular campaign. Games are limited per day and per user, to incentivise more members to play and, at the same time, transmit exclusivity.

During each of these campaigns Travel Club has been able to quadruple its activity and give out more than 25 million points.

Social Tool

Moreover, these campaigns have the power to generate great virality through one simple but effective feature: each user has a personal code on their profile which can only be used if two other members use it first. Therefore, it generates buzz and activity on the program’s social media pages as well as building an active community.

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