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Fiorentina trusts Hooptap to incorporate gamification in the ongoing loyalty program for its fans by ViolaChanel. Fiorentina is an Italian soccer team that groups its fan community in ViolaChanel, the official online portal of the Club, from which it communicates the news to the fans. The Club has its own loyalty program to give points to its fans. This way, they can obtain benefits from the Club. In this context, Fiorentina wants to boost the current community existing around the club and make it keep supporting the team loyally and increase its activity and attention on the actions performed by the team. To reach its goals, Hooptap’s platform allows ViolaChanel creating an exclusive and fun space for the fans, Fiorentina’s Club.Fiorentina

Fans score too

This space, integrated in its own webpage, is a gamified environment that includes game mechanics and content different to the one that usually appears in the web portal, such as missions, predictions, activity rankings…

Users interact and have fun with their favorite team

This way, users can always interact with the objective of having fun with their favorite club.

In this environment, users get points or goals in their scoreboard each time they play, win, or accomplish missions presented by the club. These points are synchronized with the current reward system that ViolaChanel has for its fans. This way, gamification is integrated in the club strategy as a catalizer to engage users. Fans’ loyalty is rewarded from the club they admire and support. On the other hand, Fiorentina reinforces the sense of belonging, opens a new dialogue with its fan community and keeps its fans active in the open channels.

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