Celebrating Consum's 40th birthday

Celebrating Consum’s 40th birthday

Consum, the famous supermarket and foremost Spanish food retailer, is now 40 years old and they decided to celebrate their anniversary with Hooptap! They celebrated it with a campaign to invite members to forget their complexes and just have fun with the brand.

Consum is a very big supermarket with many stores. They wanted to reward costumer loyalty with personalized challenges and at the same time promoting its own image and that of its strategic brands to boost sales.


Games and brands

In order to do it, Consum joins Hooptap to build a new interactive experience intergrating gamification in its loyalty program.

To do so, Consum opens a new channel for its customers in which, through games, reminds them that growing up has a lot of nice things and incentivizes them to interact with its 7 strategic brands. Hooptap enabled users to win points just for having fun.

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Moreover, with the purchase of products by associated brands in the store, users will still be rewarded in real time! Product purchase will allow them to go on in the campaign and redeem even more points for great prizes.

And now, the goals!

With this kind of experience, Consum reaches the goal of increasing the average ticket of participants in a 20%, and also creates positive links with its customers and refreshes its brand image.

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