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Canal Hollywood gamifies the Oscars 2016

Canal Hollywood, most watched paid film channel, produced by AMC Networks International Iberia for Spain and Portugal, broadcasts the hits of American productions.

Their users enjoy the best selection of titles, genre variety, special program series, exclusive premières and interviews, as well as the best film selection, offered with the aim of obtaining a higher profitability or monetizing the platform.

This 2016, on the occasion of the great Academy Awards event, the channel went for a gamification strategy with the goal of:

Increasing the user retention rate

Boosting its visibility before and during the event broadcast

Driving traffic to its web and social channels.

Only during the campaign month, they achieved an activity of 95% in the environment. And reach 41.392 players!

Making the most of the event

The project consisted of the creation of a gamified digital space inside its web and its Facebook social channel, where users could interact through content related to the event and content of their own such as their broadcasts and film offer. Moreover, users could make predictions about the possible winners of the 24 categories in the event. This way they could win a trip to L.A. if they had the highest number of hits.

votacionesCH     CHestadisticas Each interaction inside this platform rewarded users with points: Playing games related to the nominated films, reading articles on the cast, watching informative videos about the categories or accomplishing Canal Hollywood’s quests.



An added value for subscribers

CanalHollywood does not only provide subscribers with an added value with interactive content, but also manages to generate competition on its own channels, increasing user retention rates in the brand environment. Competition is reflected inside the platform through the ranking, which allows Canal Hollywood to determine the winners.

Create traffic and win visibility

One of the challanges promoted in the environment was that of sharing content through social networks, which increases brand visibility on these channels. 25% users shared content of the gamification platform on Social Networks. CHrrss

Canal Hollywood manages to generate competition on its own channels, increaing user retention rates inside the brand environment.

With the creation of this gamification platform, Canal Hollywood manages to increase its visitbility making the most of broadcasting an international event like the Oscars, it retains and engages customers giving them an added value on the service, and it increases visibility with the goal of catching new subscribers.

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