Opening new channels

The CBeebies app is an interactive platform by BBC for the little ones to learn with their favorite characters in an environment especially designed for preschool-aged children. It is available in the UK, USA and Mexico, and it offers a subscription service with high quality child content, with interactive capsules for children to learn with the characters in their favorite TV series.

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CBeebies adds value to is service

In their new version, BBC does not only offer the channel’s content, but they want to stimulate the children’s creativity with educative games that encourage their development, help children expanding their vocabulary and building a basic understanding of math, science, art, music and interpersonal skills, such as friendship and teamwork, while they play with their digital friends. Take a look at the project in this video:

Reaching audience retention goals

BBC wants to stimulate the creativity of the little ones with educative games

This way BBC engages and retains its audience in its brand environment, and it manages to do it with a simple integration of Hooptap’s game mechanics engine in its already existing application. Hooptap’s mechanics engine allows BBC to generate new games periodically with the aim of avoiding its audience from being bored and retaining them in their channel.

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