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2016-03-11 12:08:24

So you have some good content? As you know, presenting it attractively will be a deciding factor for its success among your users. One of the way to offer them a content that is clear, valuable and reaches them easily and visually is to create infographics. Through infographics, you can generate outstanding contents that will differ from those by your competence, and you will increase your possibilities to make your content viral in the Internet. You can use several graphic design programs, such as Photoshop or Illustator to create this kind of content, but in recent times a lot of programs to create infographics appeared that can be very useful to you.

Create infographics: practical tips to reach your goal

Before starting the process of creating an infographic you should follow these advices to make it have the desired effect on users: this is not only about including the data you want to show in a visual graphic design.

Define the goal of the infographic: ¿what data we want to offer?

  • Simplify the information you are providing to make it understandable for users.
  • Use trustworthy sources of information: you must always name them on the infographic’s caption.
  • Choose the format of the infographic: horizontal or vertical.
  • Choose a brief and simple vocabulary.
  • Use clear and simple conclusions in your infographic.
  • Always sign your work, it is a way to make branding for your brand.

Once you are clear about the information you are offering and its goal, you will be ready to create your own infographic.

10 programs to create infographics

Today we’re showing you 10 programs to create infographics that will be very helpful and are also extremely easy to use. This way you will communicate the information you want in a visual and creative way.


It is a free tool that allows you, through 6 initial designs, to modify the infographic as you like. Insert or delete boxes, change colors and adapt it to your brand’s look&feel. Once created, you can share it directly through social networks or use the code they provide you to insert it in your web.

programs to create infographics


This tool offers drag-and-drop features to edit texts and include icons very quickly. This will allows you to give more value to your infographic and make it easier to read.

You can create an infographic from scratch, choosing the colors and elements you want. You can also include different forms and components to make your infographic as clear as possible.

3. Canva

With Canva you can create a quality design in a very easy and simple way using tools that will provide you with a very pro result. Moreover, you can Access free or paid illustrations to complement your design.

This editor will make you feel as an authentic pro designer!
programs to create infographics

4. Picktochart

We present a great tool to create innovative infographics. You can use different visual elements for your infographic to be attractive and easy to understand, but of course the most practical part will be to import different graphics created with Excel.

Once finished, you can export it in JPG or PNG format, according to the use you prefer, be it for web design or for its physical impression.


This is a tool that will allow you to create an infographic in a matter of minutes through your social networks. Moreover, it works similarly to the social network Pinterest, and it will allow you to see the creations of other users, giving you ideas to design your own work.


The perfect tool to make infographics about your work or your Brand, extremely easy to use thanks to the drag-and-drop mechanic!

You can try it for free thanks to its trial version, and in case you like it you have three paid versions to choose according to your needs.


This tool allows you to create infographics in a quick and professional way and also includes an analytics report for you to know how it worked and how to improve your future works.

It has a very minimalist design that will make your infographics clear and very visual, always highlighting the information it offers.
programs to create infographics


If you want to create an infographic that shows your CV and differentiates you from among the other applicants, this is absolutely your tool. You will give any necessary information in a very professional way and with a very appealing visual design.

CVs are boring: change the way you present yourself and be your best ambassador.

9. InFoto Free

Can you imagine that you could create infographics from your own smartphone? InFoto Free will help you create your own design using EXIF data linked to pictures taken with your phone.

Dare to create appealing and different infographics from your smartphone: you have a paid version for only 0.74€.
programs to create infographics

10. Powtoon

If you want to outstand and create an animated infographic, this is your program. You can make a video very easily offering interesting data for your users. It offers a free version during 14 days for you to try the platform.

You can create, in an easy and visual way, social media or website reports to surprise your boss and customers.

These programs to create infographics will be very useful to share valuable content with your users and reach them more easily.

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