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Gamification is the use of game-design and game psychology in non-game situations. The implementation of game mechanics helps to engage and motivate customers and it also solves problems. Gamification

Rewards are one of the main features of gamification.

There is no gamification without proper rewards!

A reward is something that users receive and feel positive about, something that boosts users’

What are you waiting for to offer your audience the best TV experience ever?

85% of TV audience uses a second screen while watching TV at least once a month. Hooptap helps you to get the maximum

MasterChef Spain beats Twitter’s second screen figures

With the goal of building a loyal audience with the best possible experience while monetizing this environment, RTVE decided to launch MasterChef’s companion app: the mobile app that has allowed spectators

Latter months have been amazing!! We have been so focused in a couple of projects that we haven’t time enough to write a few words about it.

Since the beginning of 2014, all Hooptap’s team

Miguel Angel Santos, Hooptap’s CEO, Gamifies his Presentation in Revolution TV

“Whoever answers the question about my presentation at the end, will get 50 euros! So if you are not quite interested, maybe you will want to listen.”

This is how Miguel Angel Santos started his


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