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Long story short: the Second Screen refers to the additional devices (smartphones, tablets…) the spectator uses when viewing TV. Said like this, it may seem more of a distraction from the TV content

Last 31st of July Media Network carried out a live chat to debate about Social TV and Second Screen.

Nowadays, spectators no longer watch TV as an isolated activity; they interact, participate and make

The idea of Gamifying products or services aroused when business realized that in order to obtain customer retention it wasn’t enough with traditional loyalty programs. They needed to motivate through

The population segment which uses social media the most is young adults, nevertheless, since 2005, the number of adults that uses these tools has increased by 65%.

As we can see in the following graph

Having in mind the types of users


We have been talking about game mechanics or how a good gamification process should be done in our last gamification posts . However there is another factor to have in mind, the types of players

People are starting to talk about gamification as something crucial for companies, even though many of them don’t know how to apply it in their organization. However, the question they ask is more

There are many tools that help those who invest time and money to make the most from video creation in YouTube, but Fullscreen focuses on helping the video creators so they can better understand their

What kind of actions does a user of Second Screen carry out?

The phenomenon of Second Screen is considerably increasing within the audiovisual market.  Nowadays, there are many apps trying to grab consumers’ attention with interactive methods while they


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