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M-Commerce is nothing but the logical evolution of e-commerce. The social phenomenon of online purchase has experienced a significant evolution in the last few years. Everyone is aware

So you have some good content? As you know, presenting it attractively will be a deciding factor for its success among your users. One of the way to offer them a content that

Storytelling is literally the art of telling stories, and therefore something that was not invented last week. But times are changing, and in the same way, communication channels and

La automatización es poder, siempre y cuando sepas sacarle el máximo partido. Automatizar estrategias de marketing al completo puede ser una tarea que exija una mayor inversión en tiempo y dinero

When you have a company, it is essential that your social network pages are active and that you interact with your users. That’s the best way to know their interests and needs, so that you can

Getting leads is totally necessary for the future of your company, since these are the seed of new customers. One way of acquiring these new opportunities are landing pages

Are you preparing the launch of your business but you still don’t have the web? From Hooptap we’re going to show you a tool for you to create a

One of the tools that is increasingly used in businesses of any sector is the Empathy Map. Its use is based on analyzing the

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